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Speech Delivered at the function of Goan Welfare association held in Hyderabad on 2nd July 2012.

It is my great pleasure and honour to attend this Goan function, being held in the historic city of Hyderabad. With immense joy and elation I extend my heartfelt greeting to you. Greetings go to you also, from the new BJP led Government of Goa and from every Goan living in Goa.

Out of Goa, one can always see and feel the typical Goan bon homie, camaraderie and the sense of pride for Goenkarponn. We Goans are equally proud of our Maim Bhas Konkani and we love our shit kodi. Goans have excelled all over the world in every field -Science, Arts, Business & Commerce, Management, Art and culture specially music. This is the high watermark of Goan identity binding all Goans spread across five continents and seven seas.

As it stands, we can all be proud of our State because of its social and economic indicators. Our per capita income of 1,92,719 for the last fiscal year is the highest. Our Human Development index is one of the best in the country, some indices being comparable with those of some developed nations of the world. We have a birth rate of 14.3/1000 and death rate of 7.2/1000. Our infant mortality rate is 11.7/1000. The male literacy rate is 92.81% and female literacy is 81.84% giving an average of 87.32%. But we need to do better. Therefore, in recognition of their Goan roots it will be most appropriate for resourceful Goans residing outside Goa, in India and abroad, to participate in and contribute to the progress, growth and development of their Maim Bhuim (motherland) which is so dear to their heart. There are myriad ways in which this can be achieved. Most important is participation in dialogue, discourse and discussions of all issues, in particular of public importance; as on this exercise they will bring to bear their rich, long and varied experience and expertise.

Friends many of you are very successful away from home by sheer dint of merit, sagacity, grit and determination in addition to hard work. Goenkars everywhere have risen to pinnacle of name, fame and glory; many of them have amassed wealth and wielded power in large manner and, therefore, Goa beacons its sons and daughters, to share their intellectual resources, in a big or even small measure, with mother Goa. In March 2012 the people of Goa irrespective of caste and religion brought in a 'Parivartan' a change in Government. In the historic elections to the State Assembly, they gave a loud and clear mandate to the Bharatiya Janata Party to run the State Government for next five years. The Party and the coalition Government formed under its leadership have vowed to make Goa zero tolerant to corruption, its administration transparent and pre-eminently people friendly. The focused, resolute and imaginative measures initiated by our Chief Minister, Shri Manohar Parrikar and his Council of Ministers during the last 100 days bear an eloquent testimony to the will and the ability of the new Government to deliver on its promise to create in Goa a fast growing, egalitarian and people centric economy in a pre-eminently refined, harmonious and contended society. It is pertinent to note in this regard that Shri Manohar Parrikar concluded his Budget Speech by stating and I quote "It will be our collective endevours to lead Goa on the path of progress, where not just a few but all will prosper, grow, flourish and bear the fruit of good governance", unquote. The new Government is equally concerned about all non-resident Goans in India and abroad. The Chief Minister has often stated that they are equally dear to his heart and, therefore, he intends to strengthen the NRI Commission and broaden its activities.

The new Government will encourage non-resident Goans to participate in the State's development. This Government will also ensure protection to their property and interest in the State.

Friends let us together re-invent Goa. Therefore, "TOGETHER FOR GOA" can be the motivating thought and the guiding force behind all our thinking, speaking and actions relating to preservation of the beauty and identity of our Maim Bhuim and the well being of all Goans, living in every nook and corner of this world. With a Government which has "Zero" tolerance to corruption as its motto, and an investor friendly climate, Goan economy is poised to grow in many directions and in many areas. It can grow faster with your ideas and support. There are certain sectors which the investment will be more productive and welcome more so to prevent our youth from leaving the shores of Goa to seek employment. These are:

  1. Tourism and Hospitality.
  2. Pharmaceuticals.
  3. Information and Technology. This industry is well developed in this State of Andhra. We welcome your ideas about this industry
  4. Education.
  5. Entertainment.

I am happy to inform my fellow Goans all over the world that a new scheme "Muzo Gaon" (My village) is under active consideration of our Government. Taking one more step towards e-governance the Government has launched a web-based land records system which will enable the Goans anywhere in the world to view map outlines of properties in Goa and even take print out after making necessary payments. The system is known as Darnakash.

I am happy to know that the Goan Welfare Association in Hyderabad caters for the social, welfare and cultural activities of the Goans living here. I am told that they have regular meetings of their members during the year. Apart from this, I understand that they organize picnics twice a year and have a grand celebration of the Feast of St. Francis Xavier in December. They also provide financial assistance to children of the members below the poverty line and also help senior citizens by providing feasible medical assistance. Besides this, they also felicitate and motivate the children of Goans who have excelled in studies and extra-curricular activities. This will give them an opportunity to work together as well as work for each other.

I would like to applaud and appreciate the President and members of the Goan Welfare Association for promoting Goan culture and heritage beyond the boundaries of Goa and wish them all the success in all their future endevour.

Jai Hind, Jai Goa, Jai Andhra.