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Aims and Objectives

The Overseas Employment Agency of Goa (OEAG ) has been set up as an autonomous society of the Government of Goa. It has been registered with the Protector General of Emigrants and has obtained a licence to commence operations.

  The aims and objectives of the Society are:-

    (a) to deal with Overseas Employment Policy of the Government with the help of various Agencies;

    (b) to collect information regarding employment opportunities in foreign countries with the help of Government of India, Indian Missions abroad and various agencies;

    (c) to disseminate information to the interested job seekers in Goa and help them in securing jobs in foreign countries;

    (d) to establish effective communication with Non Resident Indians of Goan origin through maintenance of comprehensive data-base;

    (e) to provide advisory services and forge working relationships with the Goan Diaspora across the World in financial, economic, social and cultural spheres;

    (f) to tap the technological, managerial and financial resources of Non Resident Indians of Goan origin for upgrading the technical and professional skills and the human resources of the youth in Goa so as to prepare them better for the job market.

    (g) to monitor the general welfare of Non Resident Indians of Goan origin, and to monitor the working conditions abroad, with the assistance of the Government of India and Indian Missions abroad;

    (h) to co-operate with International organizations and Associations having objectives wholly or partly similar to the OEAG;