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Goa Migration Conference

Goa Study Group was constituted with an objective of understanding overall human problems and in particular, the problems of community of Goans spread all over the world. It was through debates and discussions and by organizing seminars and symposia that we aimed at collecting information on various hardships faced by the people at different stages of life and ultimately pass it on to the concerned government agencies and the NGOs. The inspiring force behind our venture was none other than Shri Eduardo Faleiro, the NRI Commissioner of Goa and Former Union Minister in the Indian Cabinet. As the Chairman of Universal Peace Federation of India he had already initiated us into action to take up human cause. Besides the interest of worldwide Goans at his heart, he has been working incessantly to bring the interfaith harmony and create an atmosphere of a harmonious living much needed to focus attention on development activities and to work for a sustainable growth.

It is in search of better opportunities and to improve quality of life, and due to various such reasons, that people migrate from one place to another. Needless to say that "Migration" is a worldwide phenomenon that affects a large section of our society. We have our people from Goa migrated in different parts of the world and, so also, we have a huge migrant population in Goa today. We, the members of the Goa Study Group, thought of throwing light on the relevant problems and finding possible solutions. To initiate our activities we decided to organize a seminar on migration by involving intellectuals from different areas of work who could share their experience and contribute idea. We were delighted at the encouraging response and the tremendous interest shown by the participants. The papers presented were found to have rich contents and the discussions that followed were enriching. Besides sending the copies of the "Declaration" on the day long seminar to the possible implementing agencies, it was decided to bring the contents of the presentation in the book form so as to provide a reference materials to whomsoever concerned. Again, it was due to a fovourable response and support of the Goa NRI Commissioner that this publication could be possible and we feel greatly indebted to him.

Yusuf A. Sheikh
Goa Study Group