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Know Goa Programme 2008

Views of Participants

Cristine DíSouza

As a Canadian of Goan heritage, participating in the Know Goa Programme (KGP) has given me the opportunity to learn first hand about my culture as well as to explore the places and to interact with the local people of this beautiful region.

I had heard from my family about the riches of this region and the KGP has exceeded my expectations, and also allowed me to grow personally and professionally. The hospitality and kindness that has been shown by the people of Goa during my visit and the opportunity for interaction and discussion has exceeded my imagination.

The array of professional associations , businesses and agencies such as Goa University, Birla Institute of Technology that provide quality education and employment , could be further developed and improved.

The natural beauty of this region makes it a tropical paradise of beaches, wildlife and vegetation. Touring the villages and facilities has allowed me, a public health professional, to observe the lifestyle of the people who live here.

I suggest further evolution of the priorities of this region for future development and to proceed carefully to maintain the beauty that is associated with this area. During my visit I saw opportunities to improve and learn from Goans in the areas of tourism ,healthcare and education.

Dear Mr. Faleiro,
Thank you for a wonderful experience in the Know Goa Programme!
I am grateful to be selected.
Thank you.