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7th Head of Mission Conference

The 7th HOM Conference was held in New Delhi on 17th September 2012. This is a Conference of the Heads of Mission of Gulf, Middle East, Libya, Nigeria, Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Maldives, Thailand and Malaysia with MOIA, other Central Ministry and State representatives. Goa was represented by Vice Admiral John C. DeSilva (retd). The Conference discussed issue3s of Indian workers in labour receiving countries together with various welfare schemes instituted by the Government for migrant workers alongwith schemes in pipeline. The new clauses in the ICWF (Indian Community Welfare Fund) was discussed regarding payment of penalty and small fines for release of Indians / Illegal's and also to provide support to local Overseas Indian Associations and Overseas Indian Community based Student Welfare Centres.

Other important items discussed were -

  • The MGPSY (Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana) Scheme which is most beneficial for ECR workers.
  • Money for Student Welfare Centres to be made available for those having more than 20000 students (number of students could be reduced).
  • Ambassadors of Yemen & Libya sought relaxation in the restriction of sending labour to their respective countries at least to those areas where the law and order situation was satisfactory.
  • Yemen was in need of hospital workers and nurses and was looking for recruitment to meet this requirement.
  • Next (6th) Regional PBD Convention will be held in Mauritius in October, 2012.
  • Popularising the NRI Scholarship Scheme of the MOIA where Overseas Indians are often under scholarship upto 4000 dollars per course per annum for undergraduate courses in Engineering , Science, Law, Management, etc, in India.
  • The details of the e-migrate project which is on the anvil.
One to one meetings were also held by Chairman, OEAG with select HOMs and other Ministry Officials to discuss specific issues.