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Delegation of Powers to FRRO Goa Under OCI Scheme.

The Government of India has introduced Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Scheme to Persons of Indian origin who have migrated from India and acquired Citizenship of a foreign country other than Pakistan and Bangladesh, w.e.f. 01/12/2005. Among other benefits, the OCI scheme enable such persons multiple entry lifelong visa to India for any length of stay and for any purpose.

Till recently, foreign citizens of Goan origin who come on Long Term Visa, could apply for OCI Card Status only to Ministry of Home Affairs at New Delhi and once granted, they had to collect their OCI cards from Delhi on production of foreign passports. The Commissioner, NRI Affairs had brought to the attention of the Govt. of India the inconvenience caused and difficulties faced by NRIs of Goan origin holding foreign passports in going through this exercise, and had requested that the powers to accept and process the OCI applications be delegated to FRRO Goa.

The Government of India has agreed to our request and has accordingly delegated the powers to accept and grant OCI Cards to FRRO Goa vide MHA letter dated 10.10.2012. This facility will be put in place once the Bureau of Immigration under the Ministry of Home Affairs has provided the necessary infrastructural support to FRRO Goa.

Pending commencement of this facility in Goa, the Govt. of India has directed FRRO Mumbai to issue OCI cards to the applicant from Goa.

  • Letter addressed by the Commissioner to Hon. Home Minister (24.09.2012)
  • Letter addressed by the Commissioner to Hon. Home Minister (28.05.2013)
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