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Goan Convention - 2009 Closing ceremony

Muscat, Nov 7: It was the final day of the Global Goan Convention 2009. It was, in fact, a thrilling experience to many Goans who had a lifetime opportunity to attend such a meaningful and well organized convention. The officials and top leaders of GCO (Goan Community of Oman) like Flynn De Lima, Celso Fernandes, Dr. Mario De Souza, Balthazar Fernandes, Alan D Costa did everything possible and observed every minute aspect that required to offer the best possible for their people and successfully offered a fantastic convention for their fellow Goans. Truly, innumerable greetings should be showered on these great, unselfish, hard working and fully passionate leaders of the Goan community in Oman. Right now, we can remember and strongly highlight the words of Eduardo Feleiro, “Honestly this is the best Goan Convention we ever had, meticulously planned, diligently organized and offered with a great love towards our mother land – Goa.” Throughout the day, many important issues were presented, discussed and majority of them resolved too.

The matters pertaining to the development of Goa, amplifying the bondage between Goans, highlighting the need to enhance the cultural identity of Goa and above all, the importance to given to Konkani, the mother tongue of many Goans. The first session of the day and third of the convention commenced at 10.00 am which was titled as “Employment Issues in Goa and Abroad.” Moderator’s introduction was offered by Navneet Kasbekar, Chief Executive Officer of Al Kamil Power Company SAOG. An interesting topic on “Self-Employment Opportunities for Expatriate Goans” was keenly discussed and widely presented by Nitin Kuncolienkar, President of Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2001 – 2009) and Vice Chairman of Goa’s Economic Development Corporation Ltd.