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Authentication of Education Certificates for employment or higher studies abroad.

Until September 2006, Goans proceeding abroad either for higher studies or for employment, had to necessarily approach the Government of India, Ministry of HRD, New Delhi for authentication of their educational certificates, and the Ministry of External Affairs for countersignature of such certificates.

Pursuant to the initiative taken by the Commissioner for NRI Affairs, the Government of India delegated to the State Government the aforesaid powers of authentication, and accordingly, on 28th September 2006, the State Government notified the Director of Education, the Director of Higher Education, the Director of Technical Education and State Director of Craftsmen Training as the Competent Authorities to exercise these powers of authentication of certificates for the courses of study conducted by the education institutions coming within their respective purview.

Once such Certificates are authenticated by the Directors concerned, the Department of NRI Affairs issues recommendatory letters to the Foreign Missions in Delhi or their Consulates in Mumbai, as the case may be, for the purpose of stamping these Certificates so as to facilitate the Goan youth in getting visa for employment or higher studies abroad.

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