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Kala Academy

The Kala Academy is a vibrant representation of the culture and art of the people of Goa and this is expressed in the staggering amount and variety of cultural programmes held in its premises. In November, Kala Academy morphs fluidly into the main hub of the International Film Festival of India, holding three to four screenings a day, the Film Bazaar and the Media Centre. Press briefings for the international and national press are also held in the Black Box theatre during the film festival.

The structure itself is a work of art, the genius of one of India’s greatest architects, Charles Correa. Just exploring the building and its various spaces, its garden and its elegant benches along its border on the bank of the River Mandovi is an enriching experience. You could also grab a coffee or a snack at the cafeteria.

Audiences in the Kala Academy have three venues to choose from, the Dinanath Mangueshkar Kala Mandir (AC Auditorium), the Open Amphitheatre and the Exhibition Hall.

The Kala Acdemy has also four Schools of Music viz. The School of Indian Music, The School of Western Music, The School of Drama and The School Of Dance.

Performances ranging from concerts to plays and varied exhibitions held from time to time form a major attraction for Goans and tourists.

Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir is the Indoor auditorium at the Kala Academy. From the great playwrights to the modern stage artistes, the Indoor Auditorium is an eye opener to the audience looking for thought provoking dramatics.

Even the casual entertainment-seeker will find a host of programmes catering to a wide range of interests.

The Open-Air Amphitheatre in the Kala Academy can accommodate a 2000 strong audience without chairs and 1312 with chairs. Performances include plays, music concerts, school gatherings, orchestras and music competitions.

The Black Box at the Kala Academy can accommodate a 250 strong audience (without chairs) and a capacity of 100 with chairs. Performances include plays, music concerts, competitions, seminars etc.

The Exhibition Hall at the Kala Academy is truly a window to the world. From exhibitions of books and art and jewellery, the hall provides audiences with a wide variety of interests to choose from.

The Art Gallery at the Kala Academy is usually used for display of paintings from local as well as visiting artists.

The Open-Air Arena at the Kala Academy is offered to members of the public to organize Exhibitions, Weddings etc. There is also a Mini Open Air Amphitheatre, which is liberally used by local theatre groups.

Library The Kala Academy has a huge library on its premises. Books, reference material, transparencies and musical spools adorn the Academy's prestigious library.

It has a treasure trove of books on art and culture, books on Indian and Western music, visual art, theatre art, folk art, besides books on aesthetics, criticism, biographies of great personalities in the field of art and culture.

Films on art and culture, cassettes on various musical programmes and spool tapes of various programmes organized by the Academy have been maintained in the library for the benefit of music lovers. The library has also a rich collection of musical discs on Indian and Western music from olden days to modern times.

Terracotta items and models of the contemporary artists are also on display in the library. Various paintings of different medium prepared during the artists' camp organised by the Academy are on permanent display in the Art Gallery. The painters include Bendre, Hebber, Laxman Pai, Paritosh Sen, Gopal Adivarekar, Chavda and many more.

This library facility is extended to the staff and the students of the Academy, Scholars, research workers, art lovers, critics, artists from all over India and outside.

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